Total Face Rejuvenation

Our current approach to rejuvenation is actually a combination of procedures. From the simplest, like Botox injection, Restylane or IPL, to the more complex Facelift procedure.

In the past, after a face lift we used to say you are welcome and good bye and see you in five to ten years for another facelift. Not any more.

A typical patient will have , when needed, a whole procedure, with brow lift, blepharoplasty (eyelids) , cheek and neck classical facelift with SMAS (deep plane) tightening . Additionally we will inject their own fat to enhance the cheekbones, chin and lips. In the end we will treat the skin with our modern CO2 fractional Laser, to improve the quality of the skin and get rid of superficial wrinkles and perioral («barcode») lines.

After the recovery, aided by ultrasound and a special laser to accelerate the recovery we will keep following the care of your skin with a large range of treatments and creams to maintain the looks and health of your skin.

In some patients we will start a soon as three weeks with our maintenance program with radiofrecuency skin tightening , IPL rejuvenation, Botox injections for dynamic wrinkles , Restylane for deep creases , an ocasional fat injection,etc.

Every one, two or three years, you may have a combination of procedures, like our popular «3/60 » consisting of three monthly sessions technologies: Radiofrecuency, IPL and Pixel Laser .

You may not need to step on an operating room again!