Dr. Bucio Offers The Brazilian Butt Lift «Baja Butt» At His Tijuana Practice

Dr. Francisco Bucio has been performing the buttock augmentation procedure, or the Brazilian butt lift, at his Tijuana practice for so many years that he prefers to call it “the Baja Butt.” This procedure gives men and women the opportunity to change the size and shape of their buttocks to fit their figure. The Brazilian butt lift is particularly well suited for patients with stubborn rear ends that will not respond to diet and exercise. It can also help those with flatter buttocks, as a Brazilian butt lift can add curves and contour to an otherwise shape-less rear end.

Past patients of Dr. Bucio say the Brazilian butt lift made them feel sexier and gave them more self-confidence, in addition to making their clothes fit better.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed at Dr. Bucio’s Tijuana clinic. His staff of experienced professionals maintains the security of the clinic, so patients feel safe and comfortable when undergoing surgery.

The Procedure

During Brazilian butt lift surgery, Dr. Bucio uses a fat grafting technique in which excess fat is removed from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, back or thighs. The fat cells are carefully removed from these areas with a liposuction technique and then inserted into different layers of the buttocks, lifting and adding volume to your rear end.

A Brazilian butt lift tends to be more natural than buttocks implants. Patients of Dr. Bucio’s Tijuana practice prefer the idea of using one’s own fat to add to the buttocks because there is no chance of the body rejecting the fat cells. An added benefit with a Brazilian butt lift is that in removing fat from other sites of the body, the patient receives liposuction in those areas.


If you are interested in the Brazilian butt lift procedure, contact the Tijuana practice of Dr. Francisco Bucio today.

Francisco Bucio
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon